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Special Olympics Delaware offers schools at all levels multiple opportunities to be engaged in Unified sports – teams are made up of people with and without intellectual disabilities — as well as other non-sports inclusive activities.

Using participation in Unified Sports as a foundation, school-wide initiatives provide optimal opportunities for creating positive school climates and ensuring that all students, particularly those with intellectual disabilities, become part of the social fabric of the school.


Component 1

Unified Sports: Traditional and Unified sports opportunities are offered in all levels of schools, including intramural college programs. Unified Flag Football, Basketball, and Track & Field are offered under the umbrella of the Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association. 

Starting a School Sports Team 

Unified Interscholastic Sports

Component 2

Youth Leadership at your school: Youth Leadership opportunities provide students with and without disabilities the chance to take on leadership roles in organizing Unified activities that involve the entire school to promote whole-school engagement. 

Inclusive Youth Leadership Guide

Creating an Inclusive Club

Component 3

Whole School Engagement: Activities might include: Statewide Youth Summit, Spread the Word – INCLUSION, Cool Schools Polar Bear Plunge Challenge, a Pep Rally for your Special Olympics team, or any other activities (assemblies, fundraisers, etc.) that promote school-wide inclusion. 

For more information:

Jon Buzby:, 302-831-3484 (New School Interest, Sport Team Development)

Nate Threatts:, 302-831-4779 (Youth Leadership, Whole-school Engagement, Interscholastic Sports, SO College)

National + State Banner Schools


Banneker Elementary (2018-19)

Caesar Rodney High School (2018-19)

Cape Henlopen High School (2019-2020)

Cooke Elementary School (2022-26)

McKean High School (2018-19)

Middletown High School (2018-19)

Postlethwait Middle School (2019-20)*

     (*ESPN TOP 5 recognition) 

Ross Elementary (2018-19)

Welch Elementary (2019-20)


Banneker Elementary (2018-19)

Caesar Rodney High School (2018-19)

Cape Henlopen High School (2018-19)

Cooke Elementary (2019-20)

Dover High School (2018-19)

Fifer Middle School (2019-20)

McKean High School (2018-19)

Middletown High School (2018-19)

Milford Central Academy (2019-20)

Milford High School (2019-20)

Milton Elementary (2019-20)

Mispillion Elementary (2019-20)

Old State Elementary (2019-20)

Postlethwait Middle School (2018-19)

P.S. DuPont Middle School (2018-19)

Ross Elementary (2018-19)

Smyrna High School (2019-20)

Stokes Elementary (2019-20)

Welch Elementary (2018-19)

West Seaford Elementary (2018-19)


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