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Renew Certification

Renew Class “A” Certification (Adults 18+)

Step 1: Sign in to the Cervis site. Update your information and initiate the Background Screening.

If you forgot your password for the Cervis site, use the “Don’t Know Your Password/Reset Password” tool on the site.

**Please note – this portal was changed in 2020, if you have not previously created a profile on this portal, you will need to do so in order to update your information.**

Step 2. Complete the online Protective Behaviors Training. Click the link below and read through the pdf slideshow before you take the quiz which is linked at the end.

Step 3. Background Screening. Once steps 1 and 2 are submitted and approved, the Special Olympics Delaware office will begin a background screening.

Step 4. Receive Certification ID. Once your background screening is complete and you are cleared, your Class “A” certification is renewed. The Special Olympics office will mail you an updated Class “A” ID badge,

Renew Class “A” Certification (17 & Under)

Step 1. Complete the online Youth Volunteer Application Form.

Before you begin you should know:

  • You will be asked to provide two Letters of Reference that are not from a parent or family member.
  • You will need to attached a Photo of yourself – headshot/passport style in JPEG format.

Step 2. Scan and email the application form to:

Or mail the application form to:

Special Olympics Delaware
619 S. College Ave
Newark , DE 19716

Step 3. Once your completed form is submitted and approved, the Special Olympics Delaware office will notify you of your youth volunteer certification and your next steps.

NOTE: The Letter of Reference form is included with the Youth Application. However, if you need to provide new or additional references please use the form below.


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Special Olympics Delaware

619 South College Ave.

Newark, Delaware 19716

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