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Performance Stations are events held at, or near, the field of play at tournaments/competitions. They are designed to educate and activate athletes and their supporters in the tenets of fitness: nutrition, hydration and physical activity.

Competition Readiness

Having a great competition starts with having the right equipment, attire, and supplies for the day. This station combines the necessary equipment for the sport as well as health-related elements that should be considered prior to competition. Additionally, the station teaches participants to think through what is needed for future practices and competitions.

Game Day Minds

Visualization is not only about picturing in your mind what you want but is conceptually experiencing it: See it! Feel it! Hear it! Do it! As such, this station is best located in a quiet space. Competition readiness and performance can increase with increased concentration, motivation and confidence.


Diet provides the fuel for athletes and Unified Partners to participate in sports and live a healthy lifestyle. Making healthy food choices prior to and after sports training and competition enhances performance and optimizes recovery. This station teaches athletes about the importance of selecting healthy options while providing an opportunity for a healthy pre- or post-competition snack.


Proper hydration before, during, and after a sports competition requires appropriate attention to beverage type and quantity. Dehydration can become a major health concern causing lethargy, dizziness and even fainting, however, even mild dehydration can impair participants’
focus and decrease athletic performance. This station educates participants on the importance of proper hydration while teaching them about a tasty alternative to sugar sweetened beverages.

Physical Activity

Physical activity is a vital component to a healthy lifestyle. While sports are a great avenue for physical activity, specific exercises performed before, during, and after practices and competition, as well as outside of practice can help prevent injuries as well as enhance performance. This station is a platform to teach proper warm-up and/or cool-down activities, conditioning exercises, or even cross training activities to encourage athletes to prepare appropriately for their sport and to be physically active year-round.

Pledge Wall

Stations leading up to the Pledge Wall encourage our participants to consider the elements of fitness that are necessary for optimal sports performance and a healthy lifestyle. The Pledge Wall stations helps our athletes to reflect on these components and develop a fitness-focused
SMART goal to guide positive lifestyle changes after their visit to the Performance Stations.


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