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Spread THe Word – Inclusion


Be Kind, Be Inclusive, BE UNIFIED


We are so excited to be able to expand our reach of this amazing day.

If you are a school interested in participating please contact Jon Buzby

Anyone not affiliated with a school is welcome to use our public link to order shirts

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About STW and Campaigns

The Special Olympics national campaign, Spread the Word-INCLUSION, takes place on Wednesday, March 1st. Schools at all levels across the state of Delaware will be showing their support by holding spirit weeks, banner signings, assemblies, and a variety of other inclusion awareness activities. T-shirts will also be on sale, so students and faculty can promote respect and show their support of inclusion for all abilities.

The official day worldwide is always the first Wednesday in March, but schools can host their event at any time before or after that date if it is more convenient. Schools have made the day meaningful, inclusive and engaging for their entire school community through several different ways either on one day or making it an entire week of activities, which include assemblies, pep rallies, fundraisers, Spirit Weeks, etc. And of course, including a Pledge Respect banner signing.


Our Spread the Word-INCLUSION campaign is one of the highlights of the year as it celebrates our year-long focus on including everyone in everything we do. Our inclusive activities during the week continue to emphasize and showcase how we encourage students to work together, gain respect for each other and become friends. And it’s so exciting when those relationships continue beyond the school day.

Heather Kennedy, Teacher

Cooke Elementary school


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